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I’m Anthony.   My story began when I bought my daughter a camera off of Craig’s list ad.  I have twins, and I share a lot of interests with her twin brother, and thought Photography would be something she and I could enjoy together.

Fast forward a few months and I had no clue I have a creative side. I fell in love with taking pictures and photography all together. From visualizing what it will look like, to taking the picture, and later editing the image to reach it’s full potential.  I don’t mind getting down and dirty to get the perfect shot, more than anything I want to create a memory that will last forever.  I want to look back at my body of work and say, “Wow, I took that”.

Along the way I’ve met some wonderful people who have helped me in my journey as a Photographer. It’s a fantastic trip so far, and I hope one that I can share with you if you are in the market for memories.

Thanks for reading!


West Palm Beach Photographer

Photo Credit:  Stills By Hernan