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Photo Shoot At American Top Team Palm Beach Gardens

I’ve been a proud member of American Top Team (ATT) since 2005.   I’m also the Official Photographer for American Top Team!   At this time, we have three Champions in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).  But aside from having the BEST MMA Team on the Planet,  ATT also provides top notch training for amateurs and hobbyists alike. One of the programs ATT Palm Beach Gardens runs is named “FitBoxers”.  It’s a mixture of boxing with interval training.  In about six […]

Boca Raton Fitness and Lifestyle Shoot | West Palm Beach Photographer

Worked on a Portfolio shoot, got to shoot Emilio this past Sunday, he’s a Personal Trainer located in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Florida.   We started the shoot at Extreme Fitness, a gym where Emilio trains his clientele during the week.  Light wasn’t as optimal as I’d like it to be, I used my SIGMA 85mm and shot at F/2.0 and higher ISO.  Even with that, I wish I used flash for some of the shots.  The ones that […]

Miami Beach Model Shoot 5.21.2016 | West Palm Beach Photographer

Fantastic experience shooting our Model Dayanara at Matheson Hammock Park in Miami.  We scouted the area prior to our shoot, which almost didn’t happen as it started to rain.  The deluge was so intense, it felt like I was being pelted with pebbles as the rain drops struck me.  However, with South Florida weather being what it is, it cleared up within 15 minutes to a beautiful afternoon made for photos.  The drive down from West Palm Beach was boring, […]

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On The Road South Carolina – West Palm Beach Photographer

My fellow East Coast Photographers get together and travel to visit each other, visit places to shoot.  This past Memorial Day Weekend  a bunch of us hopped into a van with our Model and drove up to South Carolina.  This little town called Wahalla, has some of the best mountains and waterfalls to visit and shoot.  If you get a chance, eat at the Palmetto Sweets & Company Cafe. Tell Miss Kay Owens her Photographer friends from Florida said “Hello”!  This little […]

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Jerrica and J.P. – Daytona Beach Engagement | Florida Photographer

Jerrica and J.P. are a couple madly in love with each other.  I drove up to Daytona Beach to be a part of their Engagement Pictures.  Not only did I see first hand the love they have for each other, I made new friends for life. But let’s start from the beginning.  I met their Furbabies, one is a cat without any fur!  His name is “Mr. Fester” and he is by far a beautiful cat, friendly, and inquisitive.  J.P. […]