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Jerrica and J.P. – Daytona Beach Engagement | Florida Photographer

Jerrica and J.P. are a couple madly in love with each other.  I drove up to Daytona Beach to be a part of their Engagement Pictures.  Not only did I see first hand the love they have for each other, I made new friends for life.

But let’s start from the beginning.  I met their Furbabies, one is a cat without any fur!  His name is “Mr. Fester” and he is by far a beautiful cat, friendly, and inquisitive.  J.P. and Jerrica had a fantastic front yard with heavy tree and bush covering.  We started off with pictures there, and this one pulls at the heart strings.   We made our way to the World’s famous Daytona Beach where the sun and Palm trees were absolutely beautiful!  The stairs we took to get to the Playa ended up giving us one of the most unique pictures of the day.  Lovely!  So many beautiful pictures on the water, but this one stood out from the rest.  I told them go out there, forget I’m here.   What came out in pictures is the easy going love they have for each other.   Last but not least, our beautiful couple took a picture overlooking Daytona Beach.   This picture is little bit moodier, you can feel the emotional connection they have for each other.


Fantastic day, beautiful couple, and this experience is one I will always remember, for so many reasons.

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