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Miami Beach Model Shoot 5.21.2016 | West Palm Beach Photographer

Fantastic experience shooting our Model Dayanara at Matheson Hammock Park in Miami.  We scouted the area prior to our shoot, which almost didn’t happen as it started to rain.  The deluge was so intense, it felt like I was being pelted with pebbles as the rain drops struck me.  However, with South Florida weather being what it is, it cleared up within 15 minutes to a beautiful afternoon made for photos.  The drive down from West Palm Beach was boring, I was hoping for the shoot to blow my doors off, and it did!

Met up with our model and instantly got to taking pictures, our model Daya is a Professional Model.  Her posing was on point, and she knew angles perfectly.  She would strike a pose and I got perfect pictures, almost every time.  If I didn’t, it was due to me.  As it was, we didn’t have much time as the day was ending rather quickly, but the ones I was able to process came out spectacular!  Daya has striking bone structure and it only magnified in pictures.

The first series were actually not planned.  We saw Miami clearly in the background and decided to pose our model in front of the city.  Granted the city was a good distance away, but the water and city visage as blurry as it was was still a nice backdrop.   We used a gold reflector to bounce the sun to our model to give a sun kiss look.  She looked angelic.

Our second series for the shoot was on a back road to the tip of an island in Matheson.  The street has a natural tree cover that blocks out sun and most of the rain that occurred earlier, leaving the pavement dry.   The only issue is that it was dark, really dark.  I had my Sigma 85mm 1.4 on my camera, but even with that, I wasn’t 100% sure I’d get a good shot.  I ended up setting up my 47″ Ocotobox with two HSS Flash Guns to really light up the area.  The one shot I’m proud of, only took two shots.  This was the first tiem I used my Sigma 85mm, and it passed with flying colors.  The sharpness, color and separation was fantastic.  The say gear doesn’t make the Photographer, I beg to differ.

We made our way back to the beach after being devoured by Mosquitos for half an hour.  Found a life guard station, and got some fantastic shots of Daya.  On the way, even got some BTS shots of her little sister who looks like she’ll be following in her steps.  All in all, a fantastic experience that I am sure will get to do again with Daya.  Hopefully this time I remember to bring bug spray, and lots of water.  More important than the camera in my opinion.

If you are ever in Miami, visit Matheson Hammocks.  It’s beautiful with a man made inlet to let the Ocean in and a natural pool to swim and play in.  Worth the trip!


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