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On The Road South Carolina – West Palm Beach Photographer

  • On The Road South Carolina - West Palm Beach Photographer

My fellow East Coast Photographers get together and travel to visit each other, visit places to shoot.  This past Memorial Day Weekend  a bunch of us hopped into a van with our Model and drove up to South Carolina.  This little town called Wahalla, has some of the best mountains and waterfalls to visit and shoot.  If you get a chance, eat at the Palmetto Sweets & Company Cafe. Tell Miss Kay Owens her Photographer friends from Florida said “Hello”!  This little town was full of history, and it’s people were kind souls.  Not once did I feel that I was judged by how I look, instead we were welcomed everywhere we went.  I can’t say enough great things about Wahalla, S.C.  It’s beautiful.

Our AirBnB was fantastic, it was a five bedroom house located in Mountain Rest.  Our backyard had water running through it, Jerry Creek.  I got a few great shots from there on our last day.  We took the long drive to take pictures at Mountain Top, which was spectacular.  South Carolina is a wonderful State, and I wish we had more time to see more of it.  We got in late Saturday due to some personal issues that happened the night before.  But we were determined to have the time of our lives.  And from all accounts from everyone there, we did.  I  know I did!   The energy when you are surrounded by creatives you love is unreal, I feel I’m a  better person and photographer because of this weekend.

Spending time with my Photography Friends helped me in more ways than I can say.  From learning new shortcuts on Lightroom, to seeing how everyone edited differently, what they looked for when they shot, posing the model, it was almost to much to take all in.  But what really helped is that I had zero Internet or Cell Phone reception.  How quaint, right?  We actually spent time with each other and talked.  I believe that this experience helped all of us bond so much more.  It’s about 24 hour since I’ve seen everyone, and I miss them, a lot.

It was a far drive for this West Palm Beach Photographer, but worth it for the time with my friends, soaking up knowledge and new techniques, and helping getting me back in the right frame of mind.  Our Model is an old friend of mine who is working on a Body Image Project.   Elizabeth was burned at an early age and has grown up with scars.  Her Mission is to spread the word that Scars are beautiful, and to love yourself for you, no matter what.    I was impressed with her poise and modelling as she’s new to it all.  She took direction well, never complained.  When I first started Photography, nobody really wanted to get their pictures done by the new guy with a camera.  Liz was one of the few that took a chance on me and let me take her pictures.  Looking back, those early pictures of her weren’t very good, but Liz loved them anyways.  How much has changed in 8 months.  Liz’s loyalty and friendship means a lot to me, and now that I have a chance to give her professional pictures, I’ll always remember she believed in me before anyone else did.  Loyalty means the world to me.

Model:  Elizabeth Betancur
My Friends:  Stills By Hernan  | Rodgers Photography  | Jennifer Sopp Photography  | The Rivers Photo


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